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The Perth property market is hotter than ever, with homes flying off the shelf at unprecedented speeds. However, even within this bustling market, certain types of properties are standing out as particularly desirable. Let’s delve into the specifics of what’s catching buyers’ eyes and why.

High Demand for Move-In Ready Homes

At the top of the wish list for many buyers are move-in-ready homes. Specifically, 4-bed, 2-bath and 3-bed, 2-bath homes with a smart layout, are in good condition, semi-modern to modern, include multiple living areas, and that oh-so-important slice of backyard. And if you’ve gone the extra mile with high-spec finishes – this is the icing on the cake making your home even more desirable. Nicely renovated character homes are also falling into this category, even those that are still 3×1’s, although if they have had the added bathroom or 4th bed, they will have far greater appeal.

The Rise of Renovation Projects and Vacant Land

Interestingly, there’s also a resurgence in the popularity of properties that present a project opportunity – whether that’s homes in need of a serious renovation or vacant land ready for building. Though they don’t attract quite the same level of frenzy as their move-in-ready counterparts, they’re certainly starting to climb the ranks.

The Importance of Location and Price

Location still plays a major part in buyer demand, homes on busier roads are finding their people, but if you’re on a serene, quiet street, expect your property to be even more in demand.

Price point is another critical factor influencing how quickly properties sell. Homes under the $1M mark are flying off the shelf. The $1-2M range is also seeing pretty strong competition. For those luxurious homes priced above $2M, these are still moving so long as they are presented well, and if the right pricing/marketing strategy has been adopted.

Strategies for Sellers

For sellers, the message is clear: pricing and presentation are paramount, regardless of the property type or price point. Employing sound strategies in these areas is essential to attracting a wider range of buyers and achieving the best possible result.

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