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Is a Subject Sale with the same agent a good idea?

I recently took a buyer through a property I was presenting for sale when we got into a conversation about some recent experiences he’d had with other local agents, some good, some not so good. There was one comment which I thought was interesting.

He was told:
“It’s always best to use the same agent to sell you property when you are making a subject sale offer because it’s easier for that agent to keep confidence with their other seller.”

I had to challenge that statement…
“Which sale do you think will be the agent’s priority? The one you’re buying where they’re making an 18k fee, or your sale where they’ll make less than 10k?”

Admittedly, if they’re genuinely a good agent, you’ll be fine. But be aware, there’s the chance they’ll push you to take a quick and easy price to make sure their higher paying sale goes through while banking the bonus fees from yours.

There’s plenty of lines the agent can use here, mostly fear-based around losing the property you want to purchase.

For example:
“I know it’s not quite the price you wanted but I feel it’s a good offer based on the current market, and it means that you’ll secure your purchase, it’s not worth the risk to lose it”

There are quite a few potential conflicts of interest – don’t forget in a subject sale scenario, they’re still actively selling their other client’s house while also selling yours. The best agent to sell your house is always the best agent to sell your house.

So, it comes back to this guide every time:

  1. Meet with a few agents.
  2. Ask the right questions.
  3. Do your research.

This puts you in the best position to make an informed decision on who is the best agent for you. If that turns out to be the same agent you are buying from, then happy days!

If you have any other questions about subject sale or choosing a real estate agent in Melville, please feel free to call me on 0447 120 125 to discuss.

James Priestly 
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