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Presentation of your home can make a considerable difference to the success of your property’s sales campaign.

We are noticing an increased demand from buyers for home that require no work after they take possession. With the strain on trades and supply chains, the idea of buying into anything that needs work is not a desirable option right now. Buyers want to be able to move right in and start their new life immediately. This is why when we present homes for sale, our aim is to be able to encourage buyers to visualise their ideal future in your property. This encourages an emotional connection with the property and helps to sell your home quicker and for a higher price.

So, where should you start?

First impressions last, so one of the most important considerations is ‘street appeal’. Buyers are more than likely to drive past your property before the home open so its important to see the property from their perspective. Walk over the road and try to see your property with fresh eyes, is the garden tidy? Are there visible signs or wear and tear? Does the fence need a lick of paint? All of these are easily fixed without too much expense and will help encourage the viewer want to see more.

Inside job

One word – De-clutter!! Every room will need to be looked at and any personal possessions, trinkets, family photos, personal items etc should be stored away for the duration on the marketing campaign. This creates space, making the rooms feel bigger while allowing the viewer to be able visualise their own furniture and personal belongings in the space.

Now, let’s look at that ‘to-do’ list you’ve been ignoring for years… Fix that loose door handle, oil the hinges of the squeaky cabinet, whatever it is, starting this process well before your intended sell date will mean that you’ll have plenty of time to bring in a professional should one of these tasks prove more challenging than first thought.

Once these pesky jobs are done, its time to consider presentation styling. Our interior stylist is available to all our clients to advise on minor improvements, complete staging, or minor styling using what is already in the home to maximise space and desirability.

What are ‘they’ doing?!

While some home staging ideas have previously been a ‘buzz’ (such as baking fresh bread on the day of the inspection), they’re not necessarily what buyers’ days are drawn to in current times. It would be beneficial to attend other home opens in the area to take notes about what appealed to you through a buyer’s eyes.

And finally…

Talking to a local agent who knows what appeals to your home’s target market is the best way to ensure your efforts are optimised. Again, the team at MGP are best placed to assist here, with expertise in construction and project management, we have the insight and the industry connections to help you get your home to where it needs to be for a successful sale.

Talk to Melville real estate agent, James Priestly on 0447 120 125 for advice specific to your home.