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C’mon agents, we can do better…

Real Estate Vlog Episode 4 with James Priestly, Melville Real Estate Agent


We’re back with Episode 4 of our blog series, and I’ve got a bone to pick with our industry today.

Now, there are some really good agents out there, good work ethic, strong integrity, good at what they do, go about things the right way, but there’s just not enough.

I’m still hearing way too many stories of agents out there just not up to scratch, and enough is enough. They’re hurting the reputation of our profession.

Let’s look at some of the more recent reports.

An agent leaving the seller to do the handover to a buyer at settlement.

Taking brochures of their other properties to your home open.

Suggesting their other properties to buyers that inquire on your property before they have a definite no.

Sitting in their car at home opens because there was no seat to them to sit down inside.

Leaving the tenant to hold the home open at a rental viewing.

And this one really gets me: not getting back to buyers who have called, text, and email trying to submit an offer.

Now, don’t be fooled just because an agent has been around for a long while that this won’t happen. Sometimes that is where I hear the worst stories.

So we come back to these key tips: Do your research, meet with a few agents, make them give you a detailed explanation of their strategy, because if they aren’t top of the game, they won’t have one. And check their references.

Good luck, guys. I’ll see you in Episode 5.