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Tricks agents use to sign you up.

Real Estate Vlog Episode 4 with James Priestly, Melville Real Estate Agent


Hi, guys. We’re back with Episode 3 of our VLOG series.

Today is about educating you on a few tricks agents are using to sign you up.

Let’s look at four of the most common.

Number 1, I’ve got a buyer ready to go for your home right now, and they’ve added in for a top price just to make sure you jump. I get it. It sounds enticing, but the idea that a buyer who hasn’t even seen your house yet is just going to rock up and pay top dollar is ridiculous.

Agents can be convincing and you want to believe it so much. But come on, any agent out there can say this and make a call to someone in their database.

If it seems too good to be true, it usually is.

Number two: This is similar to number one, but with a slight difference.

I’ve just sold a property up the road, very similar to yours. We had 10 buyers that missed out. I could sell it to any one of them straight away. Done deal

Okay, sure thing, Mr. And Mrs. Agent. None of these buyers have seen your house yet, and there’s no special value in having these buyers ready to go.

If you list your house next week, every one of them is still going to see your listing on my number.

Number three: Mr. And Mrs. Seller, I can get you whatever unbelievable price you tell me you want. What bullshit.

The allure of this suggestion is strong, but just not realistic.

There’s no magic bullet to get a price more than the market value of your property, so try not to buy into the promise of an unbelievably high price.

Number four: I sell more homes than any other agent in the suburb.

Be careful here. Just because they achieved the most sales last year doesn’t mean they’ll be out to make sure you get the best deal.

Often this agent is just good at convincing their clients to take whatever deal they can bring them.

Think quality of sale over quantity of sales.

To sum up, be wary of agents saying their buyer is ready to go. Unbelievable prices are just that, unbelievable. Be wary of the over committed agent. Think quality of sale, not quantity of sales. Do your research, meet with a few agents, find consensus on value, and away you go.

We’ll see you for Episode 4.