Property Development & Project Management

MGP Property provides end to end development management services or project management for land subdivisions and built form developments in both the residential and commercial sectors.

We provide upfront services from our specialist knowledge and experience in acquisitions and due diligence studies. We can source development sites, conduct site analysis, market research, feasibility studies, prepare due diligence and advisory reports, manage, and negotiate the acquisition process from start to finish.

We work from meticulously prepared due diligence templates to ensure that nothing is missed throughout the process. We understand that the initial research, planning and preparation of any development or project is of utmost importance. This part of the process can set you up for success or if mismanaged, put your venture at risk of failure. We prepare detailed and concise reports that align with your needs.

Then moving to provide development or project management services at any stage of a project or from the cradle to the grave. Whether your project is large or small, we have the drive and expertise to ensure you achieve an optimal outcome. Whether it be the initial planning and feasibility, risk analysis, design development, approvals, tenders, finance, managing cashflows, construction, titles, marketing, sales and leasing, we can be there for you.

We use our expertise combined with old-fashioned hard work to create value in development for our clients. We are very hands-on and work with a highly reliable and experienced team of consultants. Just like a professional sporting team – we ensure the best people are always in the right positions, so you experience the maximum benefit.

We Make It Happen