Property Development & Project Management

What do we mean when we say you should EXPECT MORE from your development?

“There’s Premium Service and then there’s us. The level of service we have introduced to the local market is unmatched. No other agencies provide anything even close to what we do for our clients. This is Expect More.”
James Priestly

EXPECT MORE RESULTS & TRANSPARENCY. We focus on measured, defined strategies that are proactive not reactive. Our developments are well researched and well planned, they standout, they always have a strong point of difference, and this is why they succeed. We know when to keep it simple and when to be innovative, so you are always one step ahead of the game and we do it all with a level of transparency to our clients that is unchallenged.

EXPECT MORE KNOWLEDGE & EXPERTISE. With accreditation as a Licensed Valuer, Licensed Agent, Certified Development Practitioner and having grown up around construction and property development, James has a broad and high level of expertise and experience in property developments. There is no person better suited to help you succeed with your development goals than James and the team at MGP Property.

EXPECT MORE EMPHASIS ON RELATIONSHIPS. It’s about relationships over deals for us. That’s what is most important, not the deals we do. The way we see it is…if you succeed, we succeed, and the first step in making that happen is building relationships and then delivering on outcomes which is why whatever the objective, MGP will make it happen.


Our business is fuelled by your vision, whatever your dream is, we deliver, we Make it Happen.

Contact us today and Expect More in return