About us

MGP are your local Real Estate Agents and Development Specialists.

Managing developments since 2018 and now delivering a premium local real estate division, MGP’s mission is to create a premium boutique property services business focused on two key areas, local real estate services and property development. 

MGP Property has set a new bar for local real estate agents. Our sales division is focused on selling homes from Applecross to Melville, Attadale and everything in between. The services MGP provides to homeowners is leading and unmatched in the industry. 

With developments at the core beginning, MGP delivers edgy and high-end custom property developments to the inner urban areas. MGP has managed a number of high-end developments for clients around the southern suburbs with award winning projects to show for it. With experience in high end residential, land development and commercial development, MGP is the choice for any savvy or aspiring developer.

Our core values

What do we mean when we say you should EXPECT MORE from our core values?

Our core values are what drives our key branding pillars, and this forms the foundation from which we conduct our business. Building better relationships, working harder than our competition, doing what we say we will, not forgetting the little things, doing things differently, and being innovative. This is part of our character and this is the culture we have developed at MGP. This is our identity and these are our core values. 

Doing it Differently

Whether we are presenting to sell your home, creating a marketing plan for your property, planning for your development, or marketing our own business, we will have a point of difference. Being different, acting differently, this is why we stand out. This is how we get better results. The traditional way is not our way. We have lifted the lid on how we do what we do. Our way is the new way, our way is your way.

Results with Integrity

At MGP, our strategies are proactive not reactive. We research and we plan. We action and we measure. We know when to keep it simple and when to innovate so we can stay one step ahead of the game and all of this drives better results. But of most importance we do it all with transparency and integrity. The little things are important to us, we do what we say we will, and we don’t promise if we can’t deliver. This is the way. 

Relationships over Deals

It’s about relationships over deals for us. That’s what is most important, not the deals we do. We measure ourselves by the strength of our relationships. The way we see it is…if you success, we succeed, and the first step to making that happen is building relationships and then delivering positive outcomes. This is why whatever the objective, MGP will make it happen.


Nothing gets done without hard work and this is really at the core of MGP. Some may have lost faith in old’ fashioned hard work but we know this is the key and this is how we make sure things get done. We are hardworking and diligent in our approach to all aspects of business and when the going gets tough, this is what helps set us apart. 

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